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I n adolescence, many of us are told to expect “Hair in New Places” right before the uncomfortable and universally awkward “birds and the bees” story. In some cultures, budding teenagers are taught a magical stork delivers us to our parents’ doorsteps in a basket. Meanwhile, some children are threatened with  violence and a look of stern disapproval when asked, “Where do babies come from?” and “What happens on the night of marriage?”

But the best stories are often what happens after we grow our inaugural hair of puberty: a lifetime of experiences with sex, dating, love, and relationships that are humiliating, empowering, frightening, exhausting, comedic, absurd, tragic, painful, hopeful and everything in between.

“Hair in New Places” is not attempting to exploit or sensationalize the subject of sex or perpetuate negative stereotypes of Muslims. Instead, we are simply celebrating the hilarious awkwardness on how we experience these universal topics.

“Hair in New Places” welcomes stories from a global audience about the often misunderstood and taboo subjects of naked cupids, Mars and Venus, Freudian hot dogs and donut holes, and the proverbial “birds and the bees.”

The first person essays are all original, biographical accounts from contributors worldwide.

Submissions must be original content.

“Hair in New Places” reserves the right to publish or not publish.

All proof reading, spelling, grammar and citations must be done by the submitter. Pictures and graphics, if desired, must be included or attached.

Please aim for less than 2,500 words.

We accept pseudonyms and high quality content that embraces honesty, candor, and an awesome supply of awkwardness. (Humor also never hurts, but it is not a pre-requisite.)


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